Visit the Domaine de la Queyssie

Our guest rooms and our Vignes

When you offer vine feet, you have the possibility of offering at the same time one or two nights in guest rooms in the area of Queyssie.

More than a gift, you offer stays … plus, you receive your voucher directly. The field of Queyssie is conveniently located near Monbazillac, St. Emilion, Bergerac, but also of Sarlat and the Lascaux cave.

The area offers 5 charming guest rooms in the heart of the vineyards, all labeled Fleurs de Soleil and renovated recently. Breakfast and meals are served in the dining room or on the terrace if the weather permits.

On site you can enjoy the swimming pool (heated from April), the Spa but also many activities (mountain biking, table tennis, table football …).

The vines of La Queyssie

The field of Queyssie is located near Bergerac, less than an hour from Bordeaux and 10 km from Monbazillac. Although located in the municipality of Saussignac, the vineyard is classified AOC Bergerac red.

1 hectare of vines dedicated to renting

The parcel of vines devoted to rent is 1 hectare, consisting of 50% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. These varieties are in fact the same as those that can be found in St-Emilion appellation, and in the same proportions.

The wines of Bergerac

Bergerac region producing wine for over 2000 years, the first vineyards dating back to Roman times. The development of this vineyard however, dates from the 13th century.

First established mainly on the right bank of the Dordogne, colonizes the vine gradually throughout the region Bergerac, Montravel to the west, east and Monbazillac Pécharmant north.

Bergerac wines have long suffered from competition from Bordeaux and Libourne. Bergerac wines are established on both banks of the Dordogne, on about 93 towns and 12 000 hectares.

There are 13 different AOC, which produce white wines (Bergerac sec), red (Bergerac, Côtes de Bergerac, Pécharmant …), but also excellent soft and sweet wines (Monbazillac, Saussignac, Rosette …).

Although less prestigious than their cousins Bordeaux, Bergerac wines have absolutely nothing to envy in terms of quality and variety.

Small lexicon of wine bergerac

Red wines

Of high quality red wines, produced in part from Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for a very good guard. Contrary to popular belief, the Bergerac red wines are very good guard.
The designations: Bergerac, Côtes de Bergerac red, Pécharmant, Montravel red.

White wines

Nervous blans dry wines with a certain aromatic complexity. Montravel is more complex and structured and is drawn largely from the Sauvignon grape.
The designations: Dry Bergerac, Montravel.

Rosé wines

A structured rosé, often enough fonçé, near a claret. Light and fruity, they are drunk young.
The designations: Bergerac rosé.

The sweet wines

The sweet wines are an interesting intermediate between sweet, very sweet and dry white wines. They show a great aromatic complexity and are easy drinking wines, both the aperitif with foie gras or dessert.
The appellations: Côtes de Bergerac, Rosette, Côtes de Montravel, Haut Montravel.

The sweet wines

Wines obtained from botrytis grapes. They are close Sauterne wines, but generally have a quality / best price.
The designations: Monbazillac and Saussignac.